~ Winter Woods Wedding ~

This love story began in the halls of Jessa and Chase’s high school, where Chase’s mother was Jessa’s pre-calc and homeroom teacher. Jessa would see Chase every time she walked into the room, and they would exchange a smile and a ‘hello’. One day, Chase saw Jessa struggling to carry two bags of books from her locker and offered to help. Jessa was amazed by his kindness, and he was always in the back of her mind. After graduation, it seemed as though they might never see each other again. Inspired by the movie ‘We Bought A Zoo’, Jessa took the “twenty-two seconds of insane courage” and messaged Chase on Facebook. They have been together ever since!

In the following years, Jessa and Chase committed to a long-distance relationship. They both had jobs and separate social lives, both always put each other first. In this time of growing and maturing together, Jessa discovered that she truly loved Chase and wanted to marry him some day. Chase started a full-time job working for Jessa’s father, and Jessa returned to school. Months passed by and Chase developed a little routine for them: Every time they passed a fountain, they’d flip coins in and make a wish. Jessa always wished for Chase to propose. On a chilly night in January, Chase took Jessa to the fountain where they ended their first date. Chase gave Jessa a coin from the year they started dating and they flipped them in. Chase got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box that he made himself, and asked Jessa to marry him. It was the perfect moment that Jessa had always imagined!

When their day finally arrived, Jessa wore an elegant strapless gown with detailed lace. A white faux fur wrap with a jeweled brooch added to her attire, and a tiara and veil completed the look. Jessa’s bouquet was a stunning arrangement of white calla lilies with purple centers. Her bridesmaids wore full-length plum dresses with high lace necklines and cap sleeves. They also wore faux fur wraps for the ceremony. Chase and the groomsmen had gray suits with vests and matching plum bowties and pocket squares. Their boutonnieres featured a single white calla lily.

Following a beautiful ceremony, Jessa and Chase’s guests entered a cozy winter wonderland reception. The guest tables had accents of white and evergreen, with centerpieces showing white hydrangeas and pine branches. Each table setting included a circular wood piece with ‘C + J’ and the couple’s wedding date printed on it. Decorative snowflakes and icicles hung from the ceiling, and pine trees donned with twinkling lights added a soft glow to the background. The cake (featuring a Precious Moment cake topper of the bride and groom that was a gift to Chase’s grandmother from Jessa) and sparkly white cupcakes were displayed on a wooden stand.

When asked what the most fun moment of the day was, Jessa said taking photos in the snow! She loved climbing through the snow and seeing everyone standing inside at the windows to watch. She mentioned what a great story it will be to tell people about taking photos in a full dress with a train in a blizzard. Jessa’s absolute favorite moment of the day, though, was finally marrying Chase and feeling truly happy in that moment. Congratulations Jessa and Chase!

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