Cuyahoga Falls Engagement Portrait Session

– This Cuyahoga Falls engagement portrait session took place on a perfect autumn day.  Jason and Karly are both nurses and met working on the same unit at the Cleveland Clinic. They became friends while going out with other nurses in their unit and then started dating. “Being with Jason has always been fun and exciting and has always just felt easy!” said Karly.  Because they are both nurses, they understand one another’s schedules and can relate when one of them has had a rough day.  They can also freely talk about their days during dinner without disgusting one another, no matter how much bodily fluids were involved!

One day, Jason just decided to take Karly to look at rings! She wanted him to pick it out and surprise her.  However, Jason was nervous to pick out the ring because he worked with several nurses that weren’t happy with their rings and he really wanted Karly to love it. Karly agreed to go look at rings with Jason, but told him she was only going to give him a general idea of what she liked. When Jason picked out a particularly beautiful ring, Karly tried it on and instantly fell in love with it. He knew right away it was the one, so he bought it right then and there!

Jason still wanted to surprise her with the moment of the proposal, so he hid the ring and waited for the right moment.  Because Jason is terrible at hiding things, Karly easily discovered the ring several weeks later.  After hiding the ring again, Jason planned a weekend at the ice wine festival in Geneva. The first morning of their weekend getaway, Jason proposed!

Cuyahoga Falls Engagement Cuyahoga Falls Engagement Cuyahoga Falls Engagement